Human Capital Resources and Concepts Inc.



Our Team

Human Capital Resources Concepts Inc. is comprised of highly qualified professionals who are tailored to advise and support your organization's mission and goals.

Engagement & Collaboration

Our primary goal is supporting your mission. We achieve this through establishing expectations, producing measurable results, and keeping you informed throughout the process.


A cohesive partnership is the foundation for all successful relationships. Let's develop one today to get your company on the track to success.


Our success is measured by timely completion and delivery of high quality services. Your organization's satisfaction matters most.

Human Capital Resources and Concepts Inc ( HCRC) is a women owned, economically disadvantaged consulting firm that specializes in resource management capabilities that are utilized in all federal organizations. Our consultants have in-depth training and work experience in Department of Defense and other federal entities which includes the Intelligence Community. Our services are structured to address everything from major strategic issues to more basic problems affecting everyday business practices.
Our vision is that Human Resources and Concepts Inc will be nationally recognized as the professional service organization that accomplished the ultimate balance between outstanding client service, that supports the mission and achieves success. This will be accomplished by creating a culture of pride and passion that will enable us to continue attracting and retaining the best and brightest professionals, who will be rewarded, recognized and respected for their contributions to a firm that is founded on shared core values.
Human Capital Resources and Concepts Inc is a consulting firm offering a broad range of professional business services to meet the needs of our clients by fostering an environment that encourages personal and professional growth and a passion for the firm’s core values. We will continue to be recognized as a leader in the community – known for delivering timely, quality professional services through a multi-disciplinary approach.

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